“Your children deserve the opportunity to have both parents in their lives. Remember, a bad spouse doesn’t necessarily equal a bad parent. Using your children to get back at your ex-spouse punishes your children as well s your ex. Don’t do it! For the sake of your kids, you and your former spouse must act like mature adults and put them, not your hurt and angry feelings, first. If you can’t work things out through mediation, you should seek help from a mental health professional – together or separately – so you can get beyond whatever issues are in the way of being able to cooperate with one or another for your kids."

-- Divorce for Dummies: A Reference for the Rest of Us! John Ventura and Mary Reed. 2005. Wiley Publishing.


We are interested in expanding both the reach and breadth of this concept. If you have or know of a similar story, we’d like to hear about it. If you have suggestions, criticisms or observations, we’d like to share them. Our eventual goal is to write a book or a manual, or maybe just an expanded website or a blog. We don’t have any serious commercial expectations; rather we simply want to share an idea that worked for us.

A million children suffer divorces each and every year in the United States alone. Even if the Kids Stay concept is a good solution for just one percent of them, that’s 10,000 kids who’ll stay home, in their own neighborhood, in their regular bed, with their everyday clothes , their friends, their pets and their memories. Ten thousand kids who may be a little more secure, a little happier, a little bit more loved.





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