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Mission Statement (Example)

• We want to provide our children with loving support and the structure they need to grow and develop.

• We want our children to have the opportunity for a good education and as many options for developing their talents as we are able to provide.

• We value and respect our children’s individuality and their wishes and desires and we want their voices and views considered as we plan for the future.

• We want our children to have warm relationships with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides of the family and intend to make it a priority that this happens.

• We want to share with our grown children the major life passages that happen in all families and will act in ways that make our children comfortable with including both of us.

-- From an example of a “mission statement” in Collaborative Divorce: The Revolutionary New Way to Restructure Your Family, Resolve Legal Issues, and Move on with Your Life. Pauline H. Tesler, M.A., J.D., & Peggy Thompson, Ph.D, 2006, Harper Collins, pages 124-5 in paperback.


Shared Parenting Plan

The parties hereto, Sandy ******, Mother, and Rob ******, Father, of the minor child, Whitney ******, born **/**/**** agree that it is in the best interest of the minor child to be in the shared parenting of the parties.

The parties acknowledge that each is a caring and appropriate parent, with the ability to provide guidance, concern and a proper home life for the minor child. The parties agree to share in the parenting of the minor child so that they may both continue having a full and active involvement with the minor child. The parties agree to promote a healthy and beneficial relationship with the other parent and will not demean, speak or act negatively in any manner that would damage the natural flow of love and caring between either parent and the minor child. Each party pledges and agrees to encourage the minor child to respect, honor and love the other party.

The major reason for this agreement is to best care for our daughter, Whitney, who has been most injured by the difficulties between her parents and who risks suffering most from the end of our marriage. We want to minimize the disruption to her life; we hope that she will feel stable and loved by both of us. We both want to participate fully in her growing up, her school, her relationships with others and her other activities.

We also desire to end as much as possible the destructive bickering between us, knowing that we are bound together for a very long time by our love for our daughter. To that end this document will try to carefully detail our expectations of each other.

We, therefore, agree to the following plan:

1. Whitney shall reside in the residence located at *** Rushmore Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43220.

Each parent shall be the residential parent and legal custodian at such times as the parent is with Whitney.

Both parties shall be considered to be the residential parent for school purposes.

2. The parents shall each be with Whitney in the residence approximately equal amounts of time of the upcoming month. The parents will determine their times with Whitney on a month-to-month basis, said schedule to be agreed upon at least fourteen days in advance of the upcoming month.

The parent who is not scheduled to be with Whitney at the residence has the right, upon the other parent’s approval to visit with Whitney at the residence. The parent who is scheduled to be with Whitney at the residence has the right to ask the other parent to leave at any time.

3. In the event the parent scheduled to be with Whitney at the residence is unable to be with Whitney, the scheduled parent shall give the non-scheduled parent the first option of being with Whitney and pay for any "babysitting" expenses. If the non-scheduled parent is unable to or declines, the scheduled parent shall arrange and pay for any "babysitting" expenses.

Other child care expenses for Whitney, including but not limited to after school care, school vacations, and days off, shall be borne by the scheduled parent. Rob will pay all Whitney’s expenses associated with vacations and trips he attends and any special events Whitney attends without parents, such as summer camp.

4. In order to assist with the communication process between the parents, the parties agree to talk and plan, at Whitney’s residence, a minimum of two Sunday evenings per calendar month at noon or other mutually agreed upon time.

In the event one of the parents misses at least two Sunday evening meetings per calendar month, the person who did not attend shall pay to the other the sum of $1,000.00 for that month, before the last calendar day of the month.

5. Rob shall be responsible for all expenses for Whitney, including but not limited to paying for her food, clothing, shelter, education, medical insurance and uncovered medical and dental expenses. Any expenses in excess of $100.00 which Sandy proposes to incur or to spend on Whitney, for which Rob is to reimburse, must be for items mutually agreed upon between the parents.

6. Additionally, Rob shall pay to Sandy, as and for child support, the Sum of $ *** per month, plus poundage. Said payments shall be paid by Rob directly to Sandy until such time as there is a Court order requiring payments through the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA). Thereafter, Rob shall make the payments through the CSEA pursuant to a Count order. Thereafter, payments, plus poundage, shall be made by bank withholding from Rob’s funds and forwarded to the CSEA, 373 S. High Street, 13th Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215, to be forwarded to Sandy.

7. Both parties shall work to keep Whitney’s residence in good, clean order.

8. The parties agree: in order to promote Whitney's sense of continuity and stability of the family unit that neither parent, while with Whitney at Whitney's residence, shall entertain opposite sex partners between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Both parents shall avoid overt physical or verbal demonstrations of affection in Whitney’s presence at the residence with any non-related person of the opposite sex. The parents may revise the provisions contained in this paragraph after April 1, 1994, by putting such revision in writing and signed by both.

9. The parties shall consult with each other with respect to all matters of major importance affecting the welfare of the child, Any and all decisions made concerning the child's health, education, and welfare shall he made jointly by the parties.

10. In the event of a dispute, the parties shall first attempt to mediate the issue with a mutually agreed upon third party. In the event mediation is unsuccessful, the parents shall submit the issue(s) to binding arbitration. The cost of the mediation and the arbitration shall be borne solely by Rob.

11. If either of the parties has knowledge of any illness or accident or other circumstance seriously affecting the health or welfare of the child, each parent, as the case may be, shall promptly notify the other, and both parties shall have unlimited visitation privileges, consistent with the circumstances for so long as the situation pertains.

12. Each party shall be entitled to complete information/records from any physician, dentist, orthodontist, psychologist, psychiatrist, consultant or other specialist who treats or examines the child.

13. Each party shall be entitled to complete detailed information from any teacher/school official and shall be entitled to be furnished with copies of all reports or records with respect to the child’s education. In addition, each party shall keep the other fully advised of all school events/activities.

14. In the event either party attempts to disrupt the intent of this Shared Parenting Plan and the equal sharing of Whitney’s care, either through fiat, post decree court action, or undue influence on the child, that parent shall pay to the other the sum of $2,000.00 per month for each month the substantial inequality of time with Whitney occurs.

15. These provisions for shared parenting shall be non-modifiable.

Sandy ******
Rob ******




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