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“Another ugly side effect, according to the research, is that divorce can be passed from generation to generation, like some sort of genetic defect, with children of divorce becoming divorcés themselves.”

-- The Divorce Generation Grows Up, cover story, Newsweek, April 21, 2008.  David J. Jefferson. http://www.newsweek.com/id/131838.


Monday through Thursday remained constant, while Friday 9 AM until Sunday Noon was kept as a solid unit, alternating with Sunday Noon until Monday 9 AM. Starting the day at 9 AM allowed the overnight parent to take our daughter to school. Each Sunday at noon we had a mandatory family meeting to discuss schedules, house issues and parenting.

Keeping the first part of the week stable really helped with work scheduling (and parenting predictability). Each weekend, one of us had 2 ½ days “off.” Holidays did not affect the schedule, but we were sensitive to the needs of extended family. Both of us attended all school and sports functions and we shared her birthday parties, independent of the schedule. We took some vacations together, some separately, and we often took Whitney’s friends along with us.

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